Bridal Hairstyles for Desi Brides!

When it comes to a desi bride, more is less! South Asian weddings are such an extravagant affair. The venues are grand, the decor is lavish, the outfits are heavy, the jewellery is ornate, and the makeup is striking. Naturally, the wedding hairstyle has to compete with all of this extravaganza if it is to make a statement. It is understandable why Asian brides then go for a bold and beautiful hairstyle for their main wedding day, be it Baraat or Hindu Wedding or Anand Karaj ceremony. Things are made even more complicated by the fact that usually a heavy headscarf or dupatta needs to be placed on top of the hairstyle, so it has to be sturdy as well. We are giving our desi brides some major inspiration for their wedding day hairstyle. Each of these styles would look immaculate with or without a dupatta! They are perfect for Arab, Persian, Turkish and Afghan brides as well!

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