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I have worked in the Asian Wedding industry for over 12 years and saw various ups and downs but nothing quite like what 2020 did to our industry. I had a full year booked with brides including 5 confirmed destination weddings. My bridal accessories retail line was picking up significant momentum, and I had a very posh office near Central London to run.

I must admit I didn't quite realise the gravity of the situation until we were in early March 2020 and whilst I was having a conversation confirming my flight details with my client in Spain when she dropped the bombshell. She seemed so unsure herself when she exclaimed "Annie! WHO has announced COVID-19 as a global pandemic and I don't think we will be able to go ahead with the wedding". I was as shellshocked as she was. Those were very uncertain times fraught with fake news and conspiracy theories, and it was so hard to make sense out of things that were happening around us. But pretty much overnight, I had to deal with cancelling/postponing of countless weddings, offering refunds to clients while the cash flow was next to nothing; and pay rent for an empty Regus office where no one was going to set foot for six months.

Luckily for me, I had a side business selling semi-fine jewellery on Amazon — the last few years, I focused heavily on the e-commerce side of things. When things got rough with the wedding business, I knew it was time to launch something of my own — which I had been meaning to do for a long time but couldn't find the time. And then suddenly locked up at home for months on end, all I had was 'time'. So I decided to put this time to good use. While everyone was glued to Netflix, Tiktok and Instagram, I worked pretty much 20 hours a day giving my sweat and blood to this new venture. I decided to dive deep into e-commerce investing pretty much everything I had — I was adamant not to take on an investor. So in the summer of 2020 amidst all the pandemic chaos TRENDYZ was born - a British jewellery brand specialising in 18K Gold Plated Personalised Jewellery. We focused on personalised pieces for individuals & couples in various ethnic Asian & Middle Eastern languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. Perhaps this is what made our brand 'click'.

Within 6 months of our launch, we had hit many milestones: hundreds of happy customers, a small but extremely dedicated growing team, ever-expanding inventory and much more. Encouraged by our growth and success, at the start of 2021, we decided to venture into Solid Gold Jewellery alongside Gold Plated & Vermeil. Trendyz's 9K, 14K & 18K solid gold jewellery collections are well and truly on their way. Our personalised jewellery has been so popular that we are now offering personalised accessories other than jewellery too. You are more than welcome to visit Trendyz and see the progress for yourself.

The reason for sharing this story is that the universe works in mysterious ways. You don't know what good can come out of a seemingly adverse situation. 2020 has taught us many lessons, and the biggest of them all is resilience. Many new businesses are born during this global pandemic out of sheer necessity. Human beings always find a way to survive and thrive.

If you have a goal or a dream or something that you have always wanted to do but couldn't for whatever reason, maybe now is a time to pursue that passion and turn your dreams into reality. E-commerce, in particular, is the most thriving market. While we hear of several high street giants going under, countless new e-commerce businesses are being launched daily. When one thing dies, another is born — such is the beauty of LIFE.

And despite the fantastic success of Trendyz, I have no intention of leaving bridal work as it is my passion and something that flows in my blood. I am just waiting for the things to get better to get back to working with my beautiful brides alongside running a jewellery business.

Have a lovely day!

Lots of Love

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