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Weddings are an expensive affair! The average cost of a wedding in the UK now stands at a staggering £31,974 according to a recent survey. However, when it comes to starting their budget, most couples set the bar much lower. Of course, your budget is always going to depend on you and your circumstances. But it is an excellent guide to see what couples in the past have done for their weddings.

Most couples use personal savings to pay for the day, with one in five putting some on a credit card and one in 10 taking out a loan. It’s not surprising that more than half of the couples turn to the Bank of Mum and Dad to help contribute financially.

So how do you break down your wedding budget? The first thing to do is to work out the amount you expect to pay for each vendor, and budget accordingly. Then you can move your budget around depending on what is or isn’t the most important to you.

Still, confused? Well, fear not! You can use our Wedding Cost Calculator as a guide to start budgeting and to get an estimate of the amount you should expect to spend on each of the services for your big day. Enter your wedding funds, and in one click you’ll have your wedding cost breakdown, expertly assigned to you!

Have fun planning your wedding!

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