Why are braided hairstyles so popular for weddings?

Straight, wavy, curly or natural, if there's one thing all types of hair have in common, that is they look crazy good with beautiful braids. This classic hairstyle has seen a big resurgence in recent years, and creative hair stylists have come up with techniques to redefine the simple plait so that it's wedding-worthy. We are seeing a variety of different bridal hairstyles created by blending the modern techniques with the classic braiding tradition, and the results are simply breathtaking sometimes. The braided wedding hairstyles are giving us major mane envy right now!

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, few are as chic — not to mention versatile — as braids. From textured updos to relaxed half-up styles or show-stopping messy plaits, there's a braid for every bride's style and hair length. Having had a renaissance over the last several years, braids have indeed entrenched themselves as a wedding favourite. Whether it's box braids, fishtails, French plaits, knotted braids, twists, or Dutch braids, intricately woven or adorned with flowers or hair vines, braided bridal hairstyles will never go out of fashion!

2020 is set to be a year of romantic and effortless luxury wedding hair—a touch of elegance and sophistication paired with a hint of bohemian. Get ready to see some of the classics transformed ever so slightly into relaxed yet modern adaptations. There will be a return of braids and twists in ways we have yet to see. Tousled, textured and perfectly imperfect messy hair is going to be the perfect way to showcase the ever so popular balayage technique.

When it comes to weddings — whether you are the bride or part of the bridal party — everyone wants to look gorgeous than ever. And that means your hair game needs to be as strong as your outfit. We have combed through these elegant wedding hairstyles that are sure to give you some inspiration for how to style your locks for the occasion.

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